Welcome to the Michigan Engineering Transfer Credit Website!

On this site you will find helpful information about transfer credit policies and procedures pertaining to undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. The pages will guide you through the procedure to submit transfer credit requests, as well as information regarding policies, procedures, and overall information about transfer credit as it relates to CoE.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the transfer course and institution that you are interested in.
  2. Consult the OUA Transfer Credit Equivalency Search (for U.S.-based courses) or the Michigan Engineering International Course Equivalencies site (for international courses) to determine whether the course you want to take has already been evaluated.
  3. If the course has already been approved, you do not need a Transfer Credit Approval Form. Follow Steps 4-6 on the Procedure for Transfer Credit Approval page. 
  4. If the course has not been evaluated or the evaluation has expired or will be expiring soon, you will need to complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form. Follow Steps 2-6 on the Procedure for Transfer Credit Approval page.

The Transfer Credit Approval Form (TCAF) is designed for current undergraduate College of Engineering students to have courses pre-approved before their enrollment as a guest student at another college/university. Non-CoE students don’t have access to the form. LSA students: See note at very bottom of this page.

Important General Notes:

*Transfer Credit Equivalency (TCE): https://transfercredit.ugadmiss.umich.edu/

*College of Engineering International Institutions: http://apps.engin.umich.edu/equivalencies/

*CoE students need to be able to navigate between the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Database for equivalencies as we use both the College of Engineering and College of Literature, Science, and the Arts for posting transfer credit. First look at and refer to College of Engineering. This database takes priority for CoE undergrad students. If a course is not found on the CoE database, then check the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. If a course is listed only on the LSA equivalency database then you may refer to that evaluation as long as the course is a) not expired b) not a pre-calculus MATH/PHYSICS course c) not listed on the CoE database as something else. If you are confused, you may submit a TCAF for confirmation and/or clarification of transfer course equivalency. You may do this even if the course is already listed and approved on the databases. If already listed, you should include a note about which University of Michigan School or College you already found the course on in the request form. For courses that are already approved for what you desire, you do not need to provide material for review.

It is the responsibility of the student to meet with their Department, IPE, major, minor, dual degree advisor, etc. to determine how the credits earned may or may not be counted toward their degree requirements, as a course being approved for transfer does not mean it will inherently fulfill degree requirements. Remember that we confirm transfer course equivalency/how credit will be posted on the unofficial transcript. We do not confirm fulfillment of degree requirements/how courses might be applied towards your particular degree requirements. After receiving confirmation of transfer course equivalency via the TCAF, students are highly recommended to consult with their advisor or program advisor regarding degree/program requirements.

Students studying abroad should visit our Transfer Credit Policies page for more information.

Note for LSA Students:

  • LSA students, including CS-LSA and DS-LSA students, do not have access to the TCAF form, therefore the course information listed above should be emailed to [email protected]
    • Do this only to have course evaluated for potential engineering course credit
  • Still read through the information in this form (especially concerning Procedure for Transfer Credit Approval) prior to emailing requests
  • For non-engineering courses, LSA students should use the form in this link LSA Transfer Credit Equivalency Request Form. CoE students should use NOT use the LSA request form.